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Vally D is a Comedian

I haven’t seen the most comedy of anyone ever, but I have seen a lot. I’m a tough audience and that is not because my standards are too high, but more a reflection of America’s descent into mediocrity. That being said, I consider Standup Comedy to be one of the hardest art forms out there.

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Changes in Cambridge

Interview with Drumming and Dance Instructor. Johara at Out of the Blue Too

Changes in Cambridge could not be more visible right now. There are many grandiose new building projects, changes in income levels, expansive and varied businesses moving into the city to name just a few.

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Cash, Credit, or Debit

What your check-out style says about you...

Times are changing in the checkout line.  Cash, credit, or debit?  Chip?

Credit or debit only.  Cash only (rare).

If we’re standing in line at a store and our noses aren’t buried in our mobile devices, chances are we take note of our fellow consumers as we go through the line.

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Introducing the "Sidewalk Buttler"

A Cigarette Butt Receptacle

While strolling around Salem, MA, Emily Wieja, a member of the Cambridge Citizens for Smokers’ Rights political action group, came across a nifty public ashtray for the disposal of cigarette butts called, the Sidewalk Buttler.

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Brattle Street Becomes Parking Lot

Bike Safety Effort Creates Visual Eyesore

Newly installed bike lanes on Brattle Street may prompt residents and visitors alike to rename it Brattle Street Parking Lot.


Instead of strolling down a tree-lined street with views of Radcliffe Yard and stately homes, what you first see from the west side of the street is two rows of parked cars.  As of Tuesday, July 11, the two-way bike lane stretched to Mason Street, but plans call for it to end at Eliot Street. 


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Biz Profile: Cambridge Bicycle

Cambridge Bicycle features a range of bicycles suited for the lifestyle of many Cantabrigians.

Located at 259 Massachusetts Avenue, the shop takes pride in catering to their customer's needs and have dedicated over 20 years of service to the community.

Check out what the employees have to say.

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"Beat the Belt" restored

Work began June 19 on iconic LaCasse painting at Micro Center

1 (left).  Tuesday, June 20:  Artist Bernard LaCasse assists restorers who started work the previous day on his "Beat the Belt" mural. LaCasse stands second from right, wearing a red cap. Beside him, wearing a blue-striped apron, is Cambridge Arts Council Director Rika Smith McNally. A  team from the organization assists.

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Inman Square Hardware Store

A Family run business

Right snack dab in the middle of Inman Square Cambridge lies ACE Hardware Store which is run by The Pacheco family. It is a throw back to the old days when you walk into a retail establishment and there was an employee waiting to help you. Not only are they eager to show you where the merchandise is upon your request,they have a tremendous understanding of all of the goods which they carry.

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Nadya Okamoto's Campaign Kick-Off for City Council

Harvard Student Kicks Off Campaign at ZuZu

The November 8th election is seared vividly in the memories of many. In the weeks and months that have followed, the question has been posed time and time again: What can we do to help? For 19-year-old Harvard student Nadya Okamoto, the answer came several weeks after the inauguration: Run for City Council.

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Cambridge For Locals

At the Chandler Gallery, Alexandra Sheldon’s Sketches Capture the City at Street Level

Artist Alexandra Sheldon’s sketches of Cambridge speak to locals. In “Sketches of Cambridge,” her upcoming show at the Chandler Gallery, Sheldon eschews city squares and tourist hot-spots and finds beauty in the paved streets, traffic cones, bare tree limbs, and power lines of residential neighborhoods.