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What's Happening to my Neighborhood?

Harvard Square is becoming a visitors' shopping paradise, but what about we who live here?

My  neighborhood is changing.  I’d say it was dying but I’d run the risk of sounding like the old lady in Harvard Square who spends all her time longing for the old days.  I’ll admit to the first but I’m nowhere near the second.  What I’m longing for is balance; a place where tourists and students will feel comfortable and townies can walk a few blocks to find the everyday conveniences we deserve

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Not for Nothin' Make CCTV a Part of Your Activism in 2017

The resources available at CCTV can help you with your political and social justice work in 2017.

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Cambridge Historical Society Accepting Applications for Governing Council

The Cambridge Historical Society seeks interested persons to serve on its Governing Council beginning in April 2017. The Society’s Councilors serve three-year terms.

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Cambridge Uncovered, Ep. 22: "Immigrant Stories"

In the 22nd episode of "Cambridge Uncovered," NeighborMedia intern Maritza Merino interviews three students enrolled in a level 4 ESOL (English for Speakers of Other Languages) class at the Cambridge Learning Center. Listz Jean Touissant and Waldophe Maximin, both of Haitin, and Qi Zhong of China, speak about their experiences and perceptions of America both before and after coming to the United States.

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The World's Only Curious George Store Is Not Leaving Harvard Square Altogether

The World’s Only Curious George Store has stood as an icon at the center of Harvard Square for 21 years. In September, the real estate investment trust Equity One purchased what they call the “Harvard Collection.” While Curious George will continue to delight locals and tourists, the store will undergo a slight shift in location, but not quite yet.

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Cambridge Committee Looks to Improve Public Transit with Focus on Kendall

The Cambridge Transit Advisory Committee met Wednesday, Dec. 7 for a meeting to further discuss how Cambridge can make local public transit more accessible and efficient, with a special focus on the Kendall Square Transit Enhancement Program (KSTEP).

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Countermoves: Cuba & Uganda

Photographers Robin Z. Boger and Sean Kernan Bring Distant Lands to Life at the Chandler Gallery

 “Any successful photograph is a gift,” says photographer Robin Z. Boger. “A gift of place, of people and of spirit.” In an upcoming show at the Chandler Gallery, Boger’s photographs of city and rural life in Cuba appear alongside Sean Kernan’s photographs taken at a boxing club in Kampala, Uganda. “We both went into other universes than our own,” says Kernan. “But our responses were quite different.”


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PART 2 ... JANUARY 2, 2017











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Counting the birds at Magazine Beach

Bird census under way for park

A noontime visitor strolling in Magazine Beach Park this week will likely notice three or four different bird species. A bluejay yells vigorously from a maple tree; a redtailed hawk over near Memorial Drive keeps an eye on him. Canada geese, mallard ducks, and various gulls are busy in the Charles. The geese are too heavy for the thin ice so they are swimming, as shown below on the left. The ducks are light enough to stand on the ice while they watch for something edible to float by.

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electoral College information

The electoral college was put into effect by article two of the constitution to select who would be the president and vice- president of the United States of America. The citizens in each state, during a general election  chooses electors who have been pledged to vote for a candidate from their party. The Twelfth Amendment requires evey elector to have one vote for both the President and the vice-President.