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A Bee Walk at the Magazine Beach Path

An early fall walk uncovers scores of foraging honey bees and bumble bees

Purple Asters

I used to be so fearful of bees!  But what a difference it makes when you know something about them!

When i learned that a friend had started beekeeping I became very interested in learning more about bees. I soon discovered many local beekeeping groups and information about beekeeping, and gardening with the intention of attracting and supporting wild bees as well as butterfiles and moths. 

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Cambridge little league all-star tournament


The Cambridge Little Baseball league held its annual all-star classic at the Tobin field adjacent to the Elementary School in West Cambridge. The teams involved were East, north, west, and central Divisions. Both the minor leagues ane the major league represented four teams.

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Not for Nothin' - Rev. Irene Monroe

Discussion of white supremacy and racism, police brutality and culture, and the acquittal in St. Louis of the police officer who killed Anthony Lamar Smith. 9-18-2017

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Listening to Cambridge - Part 3: Harvard Square

Third in a series of soundwalks in different neighborhoods in our fair city

T station

I chose Harvard Square on the second Saturday in September as a setting for my third in this series of Cambridge Soundwalks. 

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Ready or Not? Emergency Preparedness

Are you ready to evacuate within the next 24 hours?

Life happens...are you ready?

Whether it's hurricanes, earthquakes, fire, or floods, disasters come upon us quickly and unexpectedly. A part of us empathize with others, but another part of us believe "it's not likely to happen to me."

September is Emergency Preparedness month, it's time to get ready by at least making a plan. Visit My Ordinary Show where we talk about Emergency Preparedness

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Altered Traits

Authors Launch New Book on Science and Meditation

Last Wednesday, Sept. 6, was launched the book "Altered Traits: Science Reveals how Meditation Changes Your Mind, Brain, and Body" written by the psychologist Daniel Goleman, known for his best-selling books on emotional intelligence and by Richard Davidson, professor of psychology and psychiatry and founder of the Center for Healthy Minds at Wisconsin University.

The event was held at Harvard Square in the Brattle Theater at 6:00 pm and was full of attendees.

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Found Objects as Tapestry

Woomin Kim Weaves Together Pieces of the City at the Chandler Gallery

The saying goes “one man’s trash is another’s treasure,” but for Woomin Kim, it’s more than that: it’s art yet to be created.

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A Far Cry - an Orchestra with a Difference

Young Musicians Changing Things

A new approach to orchestral music has emerged in the Boston area with A Far Cry, a group of lively performers with an innovative style. Instead of the usual organization conducted by a baton-wielding figure on a podium, these musicians play standing in a semi-circle (except for cellos, who are seated), with members of the different sections taking turns leading. Orchestra members also serve as the announcers.

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Don't Miss the Glass Flowers

It's being more than a year since the Exhibition of Glass Flowers reopened on May 21, 2016, at the Harvard Museum of Natural History. This exhibition was first opened in April 1893 but then was closed in November 2015.

The Glass Flowers have a beautiful connection between science and art where the artisan made a great work to modeled botanical elements. It's not only a great aesthetical representation but also a way to learn the science of plants and flowers.

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Don’t Mess With Boston

“Free Speech Rally”

On Saturday, August 19, the last thing I had time to do was to go to the Boston Common to fight the ridiculous and never-ending battle against racism, hate, and white supremacy. I am sure that 40,000 of my co-conspirators felt the same way.