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Trying their hands at the piano

“Hands” piano-playing event featured in Central Square

“Hands” was an event organized by Alyssa O’Toole, a member of Musicians Playground. On Saturday July 28, Alyssa taught passersby a piece of music from a piano put out in Brown Rhone Park. The event was to teach anyone from any age to play the piano.

Fawcett Street Development

Working together to bring beauty and safety to all of Cambridge

The area around Alewife is changing at a rapid pace. New residential buildings have significantly added to the residential population already in the area. On Fawcett Street, the local businesses are working together and with the local government to keep up with this changing landscape. Baylor Bennett, manager of Artisan's Trading, discusses with us the potential he sees on Fawcett Street, and how that fits into the larger Cambridge picture. 

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Cambridge, Mass is losing the battle of overdevelopment, gentrification, and greed. What used to be a small, manageable city with a creative, spiritual, progressive center is now becoming a cold, crowded, callous city of immeasurable wealth. Some people are fine with it, but others, whose voices barely register, are not. 

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Local restaurants offer meals at On The Rise

Lunches for homeless women have been special this week

Lunches for homeless offered at On The Rise

This has been a week of stand-out lunches at On The Rise, Inc., the day program for homeless women at 341 Broadway. Meals provided by volunteers on weekdays are a mainstay of the program, and this week several local restaurants came together in support of that operation. They have been bringing in selections from their menus--not normally an option for the women seeking assistance at On The Rise.

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Training to Become a Journalist

Aspiring young reporter talks about NeighborMedia, community involvement

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Conversations on Race

featuring Reverend Irene Monroe

Reverend Irene Monroe and Susan Fleischmann continue their discussion on race.

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I missed all the online outrage about Kim Kardashian being on the cover of Rolling Stone magazine, but I did suffer my own indignation when I received that particular issue in my mailbox. It also happened to be my re-subscription issue.

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So You Want to Go to Your First Poetry Slam

Cambridge poetry slam attendees give advice to newcomers

At 7:30 p.m. every Sunday, the Lizard Lounge, 1667 Massachusetts Ave., opens its doors to hold what attendees consider to be an “inspiring” and “special” event: a poetry slam. 

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Unity on the dancefloor!

DJ's Jorge and Francesco bring a unifying blend of music to the dancefloors of Boston

Cruzz sits down for an interview on Spring Affair on Cambridge Community Radio

NeighborMedia reporter/producer Maurice Wilkey interviews Jorge Galvez, aka Cruzz, one half of the djing duo for the event of Unity in Boston about Friday July 17th's upcoming 'Unity' party. The party will take place at GoodLife Bar Friday, July 17, 2015 from 9:30pm - 2am. #Cruzz #UnityBoston

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Can't play the piano? Who Says?

"Hands" Movement Kicks Off in Central Square

On Saturday, July 18, Cambridge residents (and friends of Cambridge residents) of all ages will be able to channel their inner musician at what promises to be the most enjoyable event of the summer.