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Current Sustainability Efforts at Lesley University Imply Environmentally Friendly Futire

Lesley University is probably most known for its dedication to encouraging creativity and its specialty in education. However, the university also has a focus on engaging in sustainability throughout its three campuses and promoting participation in environmentally responsible activities outside of school.

“We believe that sustainability is an essential part of the university’s commitment to the future,” reads Lesley’s webpage about the school’s sustainability efforts.

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Throw Off Your Coats - Spring Art Abounds!

Public Art Tours and Annual Open Studios engage and enliven Cambridge this May

"Now that Spring is here, take advantage of Open Studios, Public Art Tours and all the opportunities available in Cambridge" says Jason Weeks, Executive Director of the Cambridge Arts Council in this Spring Arts Preview interview with NeighborMedia.

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Booking at the Cambridge Public Library

I was fortunate to meet the director Karen Brown and the communication liason Zoey. they were extremely helpful in the interview about the state of the art modern library built less than ten years ago

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Media Criticism class being offered at CCTV

Learn how to understand media biases and control them in your own work

In this course, we will critically analyze media coverage of current happenings in our world. We will examine its strengths and weaknesses and the implications these have on our society. Some of the issues we will be tackling include: How has the media covered recent social, economic, and political events in the country? Does the media have biases in its reporting? How do these affect the objectivity and integrity associated with journalism? What role does new media have in all this?

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Not for Nothin' - Debby Irving, author of Waking Up White

An interview with Debby Irving, author of Waking Up White, about finding herself in the story of race.

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Steve Buckley- A writer extraordinaire

Cambridge born journalist done good

Steve went to the same High School ; Cambridge High and Latin that I did. As a student he was a prolific writer. He covered many sports games for the school. You had to know that he would go places in the world of writing

 not just a writer, he became a frequent guest on Sports Desk on Nesn. He also wrote books about sports. In one book he combined with Jim Caple titled 100 Best Boston Sports arguments. Another book was called Wicked

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Award Winning Author Comes to Lesley University

Award winning author Manuel Munoz came to Lesley University on Saturday, April 16 to give a brief talk about his work as part of the annual Literary Arts Festival. The event took place on the Brattle Campus’s Sherrill Library.

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Cambridge InsideOut for April 19, 2016

Robert Winters and Patrick Barrett discuss local issues

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NeighborMedia Tonight with Tianna Famble

College student learns and applies digital media skills in CCTV's NeighborMedia program

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Recap: Berta Golahny Awards at CCAE

Berta Golahny Awards at CCAE

On April 1, 2016, the Cambridge Center for Adult Education (CCAE) proudly announced the winners of the first annual Berta Golahny Awards. Created in recognition of prolific artist, mentor, and teacher Berta Golahny, the Golahny Awards were awarded to two teachers and three student artists in one of the larger receptions CCAE has seen in recent years.