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Das Ist Gut!

Coffee House Literature at CCAE

German Class at CCAE by Skip Schiel

By Paul Sayed

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Not for Nothin' - Jesse Kanson-Benanov

A discussion with Jesse Kanson-Benanov, co-founder of A Better Cambridge, on YIMBYism and the need for more housing to be built for community sustainability and economic justice. 7-31-2017

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Listening to Cambridge - Part 1: North Cambridge

First in a series of soundwalks in different neighborhoods in our fair city

North Cambridge Corner Map

I've enjoyed creating soundscapes around Cambridge for several years, including Cambridge Heals Together and Cambridge Riverfest Soundscape..Attending a fascinating conference at the MIT Community Innovators Lab (CoLab) entitied "

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Inman Square Barbecue

Hot Fun in the Summertime

Every year the management puts on a barbecue for the tenants of the Inman Square Apartments. It is such a wonderful time for all of the residents and their families. Also the maintenance staff joined the party. You see, they were there to "fix" our meals The management bosses also were in attendance just to be sure that things went off without a glitch. Music was a  part of the gala festival. A young man, as the master of ceremonies chose some soothing music as was appreciated by the adults.

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Alfred Vellucci Park

Peace in the Square

Inman Square in Cambridge is a  place much visited by consumers of all types. There are some banks and if you are hungry, restaurants. These eateries offer many different foods and beverages. If you are a do it yourselfer you'll find a popular Ace Hardware Store. There are even a few start ups. If pizza and sandwiches are your choice; you can indulge in that cuisine as well. If you are in need of a new hair style or a summer cut you can get that as well. 

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Summer of Hell

The Rebuilding of Wellington-Harrington

I made the mistake of googling my opening line “everything happens at once,” and became completely distracted with the physicists' theory that “The concept of time is simply an illusion made up of human memories, everything that has ever been and ever will be is happening

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BEYOND BOSTON: A Monthly News Digest Show | Eps. 11

This Month's Topic: the MBTA

Hosted by DigBoston editor and Boston Institute for Nonprofit Journalism (BINJ) co-founder Chris Faraone, BEYOND BOSTON is a monthly regional news magazine spotlighting reporting from Boston, MA area community access centers - including Brookline Interactive Group (BIG) in Brookline, MA, Cambridge Community Television (CCTV) in Cambridge, MA, Malden Access TV (MATV) in Malden, MA, Somerville Media Center (SMC/SCATV) in Somerville, MA, and Watertown Cable Access Corp- in partnership with BINJ.

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Cambridge Uncovered, Ep. 28: The Cambridge Brand

Say the name Cambridge and it immediately evokes a unique image and culture. The Cambridge around us is a far cry from the manufacturing days of the 1950s, or the counterculture days of the 1970s and '80s. New development, soaring real estate costs, and a high-tech economic base are changing the face of Cambridge. But is it more than the face of Cambridge that has changed?

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Cambridge Uncovered, Ep. 27: Citizen Journalism in Cambridge

In the 27th episode of Cambridge Uncovered, host Frank Morris Lopez sits down with two participants of the NeighborMedia citizen journalism program at Cambridge Community Television. Beverly Mire and Beth Redmond Walsh discuss the videos and articles they've contributed to, and why their stories - along with those of other citizen journalists in the community - are important to filling the Cambridge news gap.

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Cambridge InsideOut with School Committee Candidate Will MacArthur

This episode was broadcast on July 18, 2017 at 6:00pm. The featured guest was Cambridge School Committee candidate Will MacArthur. The hosts are Judy Nathans and Robert Winters.