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Cambridge Arts River Festival 2017

Seven performance stages, interactive arts activities, food, art market, and a beautiful day marked this annual festival

The Cambridge Arts Annual River Festival offered a beautiful June day along the Charles River in East Cambridge, and seven performance stages showcasing music, dance, theatre, and poetry. All kinds of food, a crafts market, interactive arts activities, jugglers, magicians, and roving artworks added to the festivity of the day. Here are just a few highlights.

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Samuel Gebru Kicks-Off Campaign for City Council

A small white room with ceiling fans gently swirling the humidity around, creaking wooden floors and painted metal pipes jutting out of the walls, and a simple pine podium stood in front of an eye-catching blue and orange sign that read: Samuel Gebru for City Council.

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Cambridge Uncovered, Ep. 26: Lawyer Roundup - Constitutional Crisis & Immigration Crisis

"Constitutional crisis" and "immigration crisis." These are terms we hear a lot in the news these days. But what exactly do they mean? NeighborMedia journalist Kristina Kehrer sets out to learn the meaning of these terms from a couple of Cambridge lawyers.

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The Nikula Family

One of Little League's Finest

Too often in little League the coaches and players are under a micro-scope. They are looked upon as the reasons for winning or losing. You often hear comments like "Hey Joey your hit won the game for us". Also coaches congratulate each other after winning a game. I'm not saying that any of those kudos are undeserved. But you need to dig a little deeper to find the major reasons for the success of the players and the team.The parents do so many things to contribute to the Little League.

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"Central Flea" Coming to Central Square

CSBA Seeks Cambridge Vendors for June 25 New Market Concept

Submitted by the Central Square Business Association

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The Importance of Young People and All People being Involved in their Local Government

It wasn’t until after I graduated from high school, then college then worked for a couple years that I started to learn about what it means to be involved in your city as a citizen and residence of your town. I mean, why am I learning about it now and not in middle school? My question being, why aren’t the schools teaching us actually what it takes to make a change in this world?

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Elon Fyfield is Making a Change in the Community

For years the city of Cambridge was lacking a basketball league for men. This changed earlier this Spring when the Elon Fyfield decided run a league called “Ballin’ In the Bridge”.  With this men’s league, current & former residents of Cambridge were given a chance to reconnect with each other while playing a game that they love. The inaugural season came to end late last month.

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Savvy's Hair Design

A Modern Salon

It used to be ( and I'm showing my age) that haircuts, if you went to a barber shop were very inexpensive. At that time children went frequently. They usually had short haircuts. This was the popular style. Now a day the rate for haircuts, at last check starts around fifteen dollars.Now people are getting more experimental with how they wear their hair.

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Not for Nothin' - The Community Learning Center

a discussion with Patricia Fiorenza

Patricia Fiorenza, member of the Outreach Team, talks about the free classes and services available at the Community Learning Center. 5-22-2017

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Nine Women Artists Featured in Together 2017

#TGHTR8 started on May 14 and continues through May 21 with an impressive mix of hands-on workshops and live performances, including the nine female artists showcased in this article. Take a listen.

Together 2017 Women Artists. Photos courtesy of Together.

In this piece, I’m showcasing the female artists participating in Together; nine out of 39, which is a good percentage for the male-dominated field of electronic music. They run the gamut of electronic music styles and are from local and national locations ranging from Boston to Hawaii.

Take a listen and check the Together schedule to see if you can still catch them this week.