Anime Boston 2015: A Cambridge Perspective


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The World's Largest Anime Convention In New England Was this past Weekend.

This past week Anime Boston, the largest Anime convention in New England, was held in the Hynes Convention center on 900 Boylston Street, Boston. This convention celebrates Japanese animation and the people who love it in a three day huge event that includes concerts, celebrity and industry guests, and fan created content.

This year featured a theme of Kaiju vs mecha, or, in the terms of the public, Giant monsters vs. Giant robots. Fulfilling this theme, two of the celebrity guests were Akira Takarada, the human star of the original Gojira, and Haruo Nakajima the man inside the suit in the original Gojira.

Anime Boston always features a high rate of people dressing up or “cosplaying,” and this year was no different, as the pictures included in this article show.

Also represented at Anime Boston are several smaller artists, and their Artists alley featuring these smaller artists was the biggest and of the best quality that it has ever been. The prices were low enough to allow easy access by congoers, some prints selling for as little as 3 for $30, but still good enough to help the people selling their art.


All was not perfect this year at Anime Boston, and some of the mistakes of the convention were bewildering. The staff at the Convention were annoying and interrupting and seemed to lack training on words to use or timing. There would frequently be volunteers giving multiple reminders about lines that were already formed correctly, or having areas cleared of people when those areas were not causing any traffic issues, while lacking full information about more important lines, or clearing areas that were causing congestion.

Adding to the problems was the fact that the outside food court seating for the Prudential mall was closed for construction, so the food court was difficult to find a seat in. One of the most interesting parts of the convention this year were the number of panels that were of a more academic and critical nature.


One such panel, “Tengen Toppa: Evangelion, Aim for the Top” Framed a few anime made by Gainax studios as a single ongoing call and response conversation. The person who led that panel had recently published a book of analysis about the anime “Puella Magi: Madoka Magica.

One congoer, Nikko Mejia, spoke to the quality of this year’s panels. “The panels were on point this year! I took pictures of all the Tengen Toppa slides so I could save them for later and show my anime club.”