Homeless Woman shares her story


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I went out on the streets of Cambridge to hear people's stories, this is one of them.

In Central Square I approached a couple, (pictured above) and asked them their story. The woman told me their names were Jacquelyn Avery and Francis Lambert, and that he was her fiancée. Jacquelyn was ecstatic that I was taking interest in the homeless.

“Me and my fiancée, we’ve been homeless for a long time, and nobody listens to the homeless.” She said. “It’s like we’re ghosts, that’s why I want someone to write a book about the homeless, you get all of the stories of each of us, bind it up and call it ‘Silence is Golden: Voices Unheard’ and maybe someone’s going to listen.”
Jacquelyn went on to talk about how the Shelters around Cambridge, though helpful to an extent, were not up to humanitarian standards.
“These shelters, people will sometimes go there to die!” She said. “And when people die in the shelters, they ship them out in ambulances the next day, even though they know they’re dead, just to avoid a lawsuit. I just lost a friend last night in one of those places.”
While talking with her another man, seated on a milk crate, interrupted her and started talking to me.
"Don't listen to her," He said, "She lost her apartment, got caught with drugs and got booted out of there." Jacquelyn insisted she was not a drug addict and that her son could even confirm that. She told me her son's number and had me call it.

"No, she's not a drug addict, she's an alchoholic, been that way for 17 years." He said. "She has a perfectly fine home to come back to if she sobered up, but she chooses to live that way."

I handed the phone back to Jacquelyn who told her son she loves him before she hung up.

Alcoholism and homelessness are serious problems that plague many in the Cambridge area. Below are some resources for those who are struggling.