I Don't Snow What To Do


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Don't ice-olate yourself, Cambridge still has these fun adventures to get you through this winter!

There is an age-old nursery rhyme that’s been sung as of late in this Boston weather, and the skewed version goes something like this. ‘Snow, snow, go away, don’t come back some other day.’ For most of us the mountains of snow (one only needs to conquer the ¨Alps of MIT¨ to catch my drift) have lead to a strange mix of emotions, and often the dichotomy between excitement at another day off clashes with the boredom of, well, another day off. Generally the day invariably goes as follows, far too many naps or stare offs with the nearest family pet, and ends with someone usually uttering, ‘I’m going stir crazy, help!’

Inevitably of course the question that most comes to mind then is, ‘what can I do to get rid of this incessant boredom?!’ Well fear no more! I’ve discovered a few fun adventures around Cambridge that you can enjoy, and ones that will hopefully alleviate the monotony of a fifth snow day.

Ice Skating at Kendall Square:
300 Athenaeum St. Cambridge

Sure it is already a little chilly out, so why not bundle up, grab some hot chocolate, and skate the night away! Located a short ten minute walk from the Kendall MIT stop, this rink is inexpensive and family friendly, not to mention it has a snack bar waiting for you when you need to take a rest from all that skating. Find hours and times at their website, http://www.paddleboston.com/

American Repertory Theater:
64 Brattle St. Cambridge

If you fancy a night on the town look no farther than ART, where you can catch amazing American Theater! Located right near Harvard Square, ART is only a short stroll away and is located next to some great restaurants if you want to include dinner and a show in your night out. Check out new and exciting theater shows at their website, http://americanrepertorytheater.org/

The Comedy Studio:
1238 Massachusetts Ave. Cambridge

If you’re looking to see up and coming comedians before they’re famous, then look no further than The Comedy Studio, a club located right above the infamous chinese restaurant Hong Kong. Catch an act while you chow down on some delicious food, or make your way to the second floor of the restaurant for the always fun dance club. Grab some tickets at their website, http://www.thecomedystudio.com/

Harvard Museum of History:
26 Oxford St. Cambridge

Looking to learn more about fossils, dinosaurs, or plants? Check out the Harvard Museum of History to learn more about gemstones and meteorites, and if you’re lucky you can even catch a free presentation by Harvard biologists and popular authors. For more information on free talks or exhibits access their website at, http://hmnh.harvard.edu/

Harvard Book Store:
1256 Massachusetts Ave. Cambridge

Look no further for history than at the famous Harvard Book Store, a legendary shop that’s been in the same spot for over forty years. Enjoy author meet and greets and head to the basement for cool finds nursed in the secondhand book section! For more information check out their website, http://www.harvard.com/

Hopefully these suggestions will keep you busy for long enough for the snow to melt! But what do you all like to do on a snow day? Sound off in the comment section below.

(Picture courtesy of the City of Cambridge)