As If It Were Already There


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New public art on the Greenway

Photo by Mark Jaquith

I know, this isn't in Cambridge. Our stories are supposed to have a Cambridge connection. So why am I writing about a sculpture in Boston by an artist from Brookline that was made in Seattle? Well, I'm in Cambridge and this thing connected with me. I think it's one of the best things to happen in the area this year. It is my latest photographic obsession and I went to the dedication ceremony on Monday May 12, 2015. Mayor Walsh was there and said all the usual Mayoral things, The head of the Greenway Conservancy was there and thanked everyone he had ever met or heard of. The Massachusetts Secretary of Transportation, Stephanie Pollack, was there (the Greenway is MassDOT land) and talked about all of the jurisdictions  that were involved, and made the best remark of the evening. She said that if you had asked her a year ago if she would standing there praising an elevated structure there, she would have looked at you like you were quite mad. The artist was there too and told us about how a project like this can come together. She is Janet Echelman and you should click her name and take a look at what she does.

You should also go to South Station in that city across the river, and walk the Greenway if you can. The Echelman sculpture titled, If you haven't guessed or read elsewhere, As If It Were Already There, is just a short way from there. There are way cool things to see during the day and at night on the Greenway. The Echelman is beautifully illuminated and there is a rather amazing installation at the Boston Harbor Islands info. kiosk too. It is a light wall whose animated images are somehow generated by wave action transmitted from a buoy out in the harbor. In the daytime, of course, you can ride the carousel, walk the maze, and frolic, wade in the fountains and get a snack from the food trucks and occasional other vendors and the Dewey Square Farmers Market. You will be a happier person if you do.


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I LOVE this, Mark!