Keith Mascoll, strength, courage and healing through revelation!

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Actor, activist Keith Mascoll puts his personal art front and center.

Cambridge born and raised actor Keith Mascoll has portrayed numerous protagonists during his acting career. From Keith's stylish humble beginnings on Cambridge Rindge and Latin stages to performing with cutting edge repertory companies, such as the Black Rep Theater in the Providence, Rhode Island, to performances throughout New England and nationwide - including stints on TV, movie and internet screens - Keith has carved out a unique reputation as one of the Boston areas more in demand talents. He granted a phone interview with me on my Saturday radio show on WZBR to share his latest work entitled Triggered at Hibernian Hall in Roxbury. Triggered, a one-person show, takes an extremely personal and equally revealing look at sexual abuse from a perspective rarely if ever shared on stage; Black and male. Juxtaposed against and within today's current climate of sexual abuse, specifically the #MeToo movement, the front and center voices highlighting sexual misconduct and abuse in the entertainment industry - with very few exceptions - have been almost exclusively female. Keith Mascoll's Triggered, directed by John Oluwole ADEkoje, with a minimal stage set, displays portraits of two men of color, recipients of the most personal of violations, not by way of Hollywood's notorious casting couch variety, but unforgivably familial. Masterfully utilizing multimedia sound and imagery, Triggered brings to one's memory times a places through music. The artwork reveals the journeys the two protagonists go through trying to survive trauma. The navigation of their paths are filled with complexities containing both the loss one's youthful self and the regaining self-hope and, dare I say, thriving post-trauma. There are not many people, who are willing to put their lives on full display - before friends and strangers - for the purpose of not just entertaining someone, but to give patrons an examples hope and healing through their own personal trauma? Keith simultaneously shocks, humanizes, grieves, copes, and plows through and breaks through what very few people are willing to articulate let alone put on a stage. Due to the mature themes of the show, people no younger than high school age are encouraged to attend unless accompanied with an adult. As part of the supportive healing nature of the show, there will also be a non-obligatory discussion led by a licensed social worker immediately following the show. Triggered shows the range and depth of not only Keith's life's work, but ultimately the life through which his work has developed through. Triggered plays at Hibernian Hall through March 9 and tickets courtesy of a foundation grant are free through a reservation at #Triggered1

Listen to the interview with Keith Mascoll by clicking here