MIT Hosts Carbon Pricing Panel


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Two Carbon Pricing Bills in Mass. Legislature Discussed

The MIT Climate Action Team hosted "The Future of Climate Policy: Experts Discuss Carbon Pricing" on Thursday, January 25th.

Carbon pricing attaches a fee to carbon emissions, but the word "tax" is usually avoided.

At the center of Thursday evening's discussion were two carbon pricing bills currently in Massachusetts Legislature.

Bill S.1821, proposed by Sen. Michael Barrett, is revenue-neutral meaning 100% of tax revenues are returned to residences and businesses:


Bill H.1726, proposed by Rep. Jennifer Benson, is revenue-positive with 80% of revenues returned to households and employers, while the remainder goes toward funding clean energy and infrastructure:

Panelists unanimously applauded the two bills, saying that both are positive steps for Massachusetts to combat climate change. It is widely agreed that carbon pricing is the most efficient way to reduce carbon emissions and Massachusetts could be looked to as a leader in energy policy in New England.


Cambridge-based startup Soli also presented their mission to empower consumers with easy tools like their upcoming app launch. With the Soli app, consumers are rewarded when shopping with Soli’s 4,000+ merchants that are dedicated to fighting climate change and carbon emissions.