The Monarchy & Millennials


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Due to current day American politics, and a country divided, most of my daylight hours are spent trying to quell the burning fire of rage that has left my soul a barren waste of scorched earth. My evenings are soothed and quenched by the august period piece, The Crown, which “chronicles the life of Queen Elizabeth II from the 1940s to modern times.”

While watching The Crown, I began to contemplate a very simple question, “What is it really like to grow up in a country with a monarchy.” I specifically wanted to talk with people of the Millennial generation, because like all generations before them, the Millennials are at the helm of an incredible paradigm shift in society. Where does that leave an antiquated, but firmly entrenched monarchy?

The interesting parallel between our country and the countries, for which Queen Elizabeth is sovereign, is succession. Queen Elizabeth is 91 years old and succession is on the horizon. Very rarely in America do we contemplate the line of succession from the president downward, but because the Trump administration and several leaders in the Republican Party may be found guilty of treasonous acts, the question of succession cast a long shadow on American politics.

While chatting with two Millennial Brits, I learned that the impeding succession from Queen Elizabeth to Prince Charles, soon to be King Charles, is for them, a bit unnerving and may radically change the tenor of dialogue concerning the future of the British Monarchy.