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Snowmeggedon to Sensational Spring

  • Snowmeggedon frozen Lashes
  • Snowmeggedon main Attraction
  • Peonies Saved
  • Beautiful flower Bed
  • Waist deep and STILL growing...
Snowmeggedon to Sensational Spring

My first winter in Cambridge and we're hit with the storm of biblical proportions. 

What's even more ironic is the fact that the eight foot snow fall record was an inch or two. 

Nevertheless we made it through and now you can share a moment in history with me by having an exclusive look at my year in review. 

Actually, I haven't been here a whole year yet, but after this winter, it think I have something to talk about.. 

So, are you ready to reminisce? 

Tune in to BeLIVE Tuesday at 6pm on Channel 9,, sit back and enjoy!

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Great photos!--

Mary Holbrow