Portraits and Power Opening Reception

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CAMBRIDGE – The first floor of Lesley University’s Sherrill Library was buzzing with energy on Thursday evening as students, faculty and Cambridge locals alike came to celebrate the opening reception of Portraits and Power.
Lesley University College of Art and Design seniors Rocky Cotard and Mosheh Tucker curated an exhibition featuring their most recent portrait paintings.

Rocky Cotard, an illustration major, featured pieces from his family history project where he paints images of his family members and explores what it means to be Haitian. Included in this exhibit are “Grand”, “Mother” and “Sister”.

Being born in Haiti and raised in America made for a split between cultures. He uses his experience to influence his work as he seeks to create the representation that does not exist and take control of his own narrative. His most recent trip to Haiti inspired him to begin painting on fabric – all the paintings from his family history series are done on fabric. His larger-than-life portraits evoke power and demand full attention from the viewer.

He draws inspiration from other artists such as Gontran Durocher, Phillipe Dodard, and Ronald Mevs.

Mosheh Tucker, a fine arts major, was raised by his Haitian mother and inter-generational African-American father which created what Tucker refers to as “the Black experience”.

Tucker views himself as a general “art-maker” and while he primarily paints, he is open to exploration and experimentation with a variety of other mediums including photo, video, and installation. He primarily works in oil paints and his unique painting techniques make for striking pieces.

Liz Bauman, Lesley University student and viewer of the exhibition, notes that Tucker is “able to capture the energy of the people in his portraits.”

Tucker and Cotard’s work complement each other and come together to create a visually stunning exhibition. The paintings breathe life into the space.

The exhibition will be up in the Sherrill Library, 89 Brattle St., until April 6 and is open for public viewing. The paintings will then be featured in Cotard and Mosheh’s senior exhibition at the Lunder Arts Center.