The Vault Opens in Cambridge with a Tresor trove of techno-soul


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NeighborMedia interviews DJ Byoosik about The Vault Opens in Cambridge

  • DJ Byoosik #DJByoosik and Maurice Wilkey #DJMojavi discuss upcoming The Vault Opens event.
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  • #VaultBoston image for The Vault Opens. July 7, 2015
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NeighborMedia correspondent and Spring Affair producer, Maurice Wilkey aka DJ Mojavi @MoMassMedia interviews DJ Byoosik, @Byoosik, a local DJ and music producer, about the upcoming event, The Vault Opens. DJ Byoosik, an M.I.T. grad and digital design artist, shares how an introspective trip to Berlin to hear the its famous techno sound opened her world up to creativity and a desire to share the music she loves with Cambridge. The Vault Opens courtesy of VaultBoston - #TheVaultOpens will take place at the Middlesex Lounge - - in Cambridge's Central Square Tuesday, July 7, 2015 starting at 9pm. Go to or @VaultBoston on twitter for more information. Spring Affair airs Thursday afternoons from 12 noon to 2 p.m. #DJMojavi, #SpringAffair



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I enjoyed hearing about Byoosik's Berlin experience and how it influenced her music. Following VaultBoston on SoundCloud now!