Visit the Middle East Mural Restoration at Mass Ave and Brookline St.

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Muralist Dan Galvez Returns to Breathe New Life Into a Beloved Mural

From an small band made up of an Iranian drummer, a Cuban songstress, and a saxohphonist, to a worker with a jackhammer who, at the time, had been laboring in the basement to build the Middle East Club, to the old African American guy so many in Central Square remember rollerskating around Central Square in his crosswalk attendant's outfit, to the head of a golden bull, and even a group of Vietnamese water puppets (I had to ask what those were) Dan Galvez patiently and lovingly pointed out several of the characters in the huge mural.  Dan has been working on the mural with assistant 'Greg' since the beginning of August 2017.  Dan, who is the original artist,  designed and created the piece 25 years ago and when the piece started showing signs of severe wear, the Sater brothers, owners of the Middle East club where the mural is located, invited Galvez back to work his magic once more on the worn but still evocative piece. Jewel-like colors adorn the wall everywhere, faces smile out towards the world and memorable people come to life once again for us to enjoy in all their glory!  Go visit and take a selfie,too!