What’s Going On At The Lilypad?


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1353 Cambridge Street – Inman Square

I don’t know how many times I’ve been standing outside the Lilypad in Inman Square and someone walks by and says, “What goes on in here?” Well I know what goes on in there, but let me introduce you, dear passerby, to the Lilypad.

Basically, the Lilypad is an independently owned and operated performance space for any, and all of the arts. There is one large, cozy room with a multitude of seating options, two bathrooms, and a liquor license, which offers beer and wine. The room gets rented out for events such as: a night of bands, an all ages show, a dance party, a play, a film fest, a poetry slam, or an arts & craft show. It is also a place for gatherings of many kinds: birthdays, memorials, weddings etc.

The owner, Gill Aharon, is a musician. He is also a music teacher, a father, an athlete, and he has an avant-garde jazz band called The Gill Aharon Trio. In life, he has manifested for himself the vision of a place where he could live, do his art, and make his living by teaching piano to people of all ages. His vision didn’t just include him; he wanted to create a warm, welcoming, and accessible place for all artists and musicians, who desperately need venues for performance and display. With the loss of Out of The Blue in Central Square, DYI spaces are far and few between in Cambridge. Let’s not lose another one. Please support your local artist who performs at the Lilypad.