This Is Who It Hurts-Part 2


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The Loss of EMF – a rehearsal complex for artists and musicians

The loss of the EMF rehearsal complex on Brookline Street is to many, the last nail in the coffin of an autonomous arts community. Of course it is not completely dead, but it’s gasping for air, and for many, the hurt and the disappointment are extreme. This disenfranchised community feels abandoned by a city they love and at war with the “pillars of society” who preach “Refugees Welcome Here” but practice “only if you can afford it,” which you can’t.

The EMF building and the now defunct Out of the Blue Art Gallery were places where creativity flourished, and mystical synchronicities happened. They were the epicenters of a like-minded community that gathered, created, and gave this city its colorful heart & soul. There are plenty of people who don’t know what all the fuss is about and/or don’t care. But the browbeating of excuses and explanations ranging from: “a capitalist society,” “change happens,” “Cambridge shifted before from manufacturing to arty in the 60s” and “there is nothing we can do, it’s the market ” has become trite. Where are the heroes? Where is the can-do spirit? Where is the "Yes we can?"

The bottom line is Cambridge changed and we didn’t change with it. Where we go from here is unknown. But for now, I introduced to center stage the heart and soul of Cambridge, the residents of, and the warriors in the battle for EMF.

Marc Levy of Cambridge Day has covered this story extensively. The trajectory of this sad saga are in the links below:
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