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A "Cambridge Day" with Marc Levy

Marc Levy is a writer. You can tell by the way he dictates language while in conversation. He doesn’t speak in sound bites or in 140 characters or less. He forms sentences relative to a paragraph of thought, which is why our conversation about journalism, media, writing, and Cambridge Day could only be edited down to 32 minutes.

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Get involved with NeighborMedia at free info session Jan. 12

You keep hearing about NeighborMedia, but maybe you don't know what it is. Maybe you know what it is and you want to find out how you can get involved. Or perhaps you have a story idea you want to turn into a NeighborMedia video or article, but you're not sure how to get started. Well, you're invited to attend a free NeighborMedia Info Session at 6 p.m. Tuesday, January 12th here at CCTV, 438 Massachusetts Avenue in Central Square.

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Taking Back Christmas

Here's an idea: Let's merge Christmas and Thanksgiving!

This year, I’m hell bent on merging Thanksgiving with Christmas, and I hope you can bear with me while I explain.

Think of it for a minute.  What’s spoiled Christmas is things. People standing up from a turkey dinner, running to stand in line at a big box store and then fighting, really fighting over some thing.  I’m sure Santa Claus would be horrified if he thought flying around in his sleigh would morph into a Wal-Mart employee being stampeded to death.

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BISq (Bergamot in Inman Square) – 1071 Cambridge St. - Opened 2015

Why a "townie tour of new Cambridge Street restaurants?" Because no one ever asks. For a more lengthy explanation of this experiment please refer to:

BISq is a restaurant that has received accolades in and out of the neighborhood. 

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Picture Cambridge

City comes to Life through Filters of Instagram

Are you on Instagram? If so, perhaps you’ve noticed that in the Cambridge area, people post pictures of things ranging from a smoothie to a Bruins game. Some photos may include everything from beautiful, scenic shots of the Charles River to a close-up of a random sandwich that was just ordered from a local deli. There’s everything from something that is artsy to the complete opposite of artsy: the infamous (hashtag) selfie.

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Destined for Skate-ness

Lynch Family Skatepark destined to play vital role in Cambridge community

Skateboarding around the streets of the Boston-Cambridge area receives a fair amount of negative attention. As skateboarders creatively use structures on owned properties, they are often told to go away or end up in danger of violations.

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The Story Behind Peacemakers' Square

Have you ever heard of Peacemakers’ Corner? At the intersection of Oxford and Sacramento streets in Cambridge there is a square named after Steven Brion-Meisels. Those who knew him remembered him as a very smart and caring person. From his upbring Mr. Brion-Meisels learned the values of humanity.

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How I Learned to Love Cambridge: Experiences of a Russian Immigrant

When four-and-a-half years ago my father told me we are moving to USA, I was terrified. Back in 2011 my twin sister and I were studying at a boarding school in Switzerland. I was managing to balance school work and social life, so my dad’s decision made no sense to me. He ended up sending us to a prep school in the middle of nowhere – Connecticut. Even though I grew to love that place, I still couldn’t wait to get out there and live in the real world instead of a forest.

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Loyal Nine - 660 Cambridge Street

Loyal Nine has a lot of fans in culinary world. Boston Magazine named them one of the top restaurants in the Boston area. So you might ask, "who are we to judge?" Well, we are their neighbors and we wanted to see what all the fuss was about! For more on this tantalizing topic:

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NeighborMedia Tonight: Interview with Henry Weinberg

Henry Weinberg is a student in Lesley University's Threshold Program, and interns at Cambridge Community Television, where he produces articles and videos for, as well as assists on a number of administrative tasks.