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Hands Cambridge

Cambridge hands make beautiful music...

On July 30 of this year, my colleague Reba-Glory Cabral wrote about Hands Cambridge, an event involving a piano, a piano teacher, and skilled and unskilled hands.  

The Hands Movement began in 2014 when founder Alyssa O'Toole set up a piano in Boston and asked 50 people to play a part of a song.  Some of the participants knew how to play, but many didn't. However, Ms. O'Toole's patient coaching opened the door for even the most hesitant would-be pianist.

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Parking Day is happening this Friday!

This Friday, Sept. 18 is Parking Day, an international celebration in which metered parking spaces are transformed into miniature public places for the day. Cambridge has more parking spaces transformed than any other city in the world.

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The “NOT ART” guy is just as paradoxical as the stencil messaging he leaves around the urban landscape. Question: are these temporary, or lasting moments of urban decay, ART or NOT ART? Can you find the beauty in the discarded, the irrelevant, the crumbling and/or the ironic?

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The centripetal force of the “The Pit,” located on the corner of Dunster and Massachusetts Avenue in Harvard Square is a legendary gathering place for kids of all kinds, and from all places.

In polite society, we refer to this community of rebellious, disenfranchised, homeless, and sometimes “poser” youth as “Pit Kids,” but they call themselves “Pit Rats.”

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Sayonara Summer

Grab those Last Selfies for the Season

Labor Day...the final frontier before we put away the mementos of summer. 

Whether it be a final visit to the beach, back yard BBQs (hint hint), or catching the latest movie blockbuster, Labor Day is sort of the last Hoorah before returning to school or the routine of work.

For many in the Cambridge area (i.e.. students), summer means returning home to catch a breather from university studies. 

Hence, the real experience of a Cambridge summer is always missed. 

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Cambridge Designer to be Showcased During Boston Fashion Week

Culture of Ancient Nubia will be Celebrated

Thanks to Nubia Williams for providing this notice


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The Cambridge Arts Council's Public Arts Conservation Program

Program assesses, maintains, and restores 300+ public artworks yearly

Edwin Andrews - Dot Matrix

Cambridge has over 300 public artworks all across the city. I've enjoyed them for years without ever really thinking about who takes care of them, so I decided to find out more.

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Celebration of Latino culture focus of 9th episode of "Cambridge Uncovered"

The ninth episode of Cambridge Uncovered celebrates Latino culture and heritage in the city of Cambridge. In the first segment, host and moderator Luis Vasquez talks with Vice Mayor Dennis Benzan and Rafael Ulloa, editor of El Planeta Media, about a new event coming to Cambridge during Hispanic Heritage Month: VivaLatino, which takes place Sept. 26 in Central Square.

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Turning a New Page on Summer Reading

Cambridge Public Schools encourage reading with summer reading program

“Read to the moon and back” is the slogan of this year’s Cambridge Public Schools (CPS) summer reading season. CPS has challenged students in grades kindergarten through eighth to read 20 minutes per day to help reach the goal of half a million minutes of reading per grade level. 

“If minutes = miles, we’ll read to the moon and back this summer!” their website states.  

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My interviewee was late to the Winthrop Square Park in Harvard Square, so I took up conversation with a busking musician. The conversation turned to the omnipresent topic du jour: the over-development and massive landscape changes in Cambridge, and the loss of longstanding, beloved businesses.