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Kemp Harris is a local musician who has lived in Cambridge since 1978. He has an extensive bio that includes: acting, composing, teaching, and writing. We had a long conversation, which included all the hot button issues locally and nationally: over-development, gentrification, and racism in America, but it is the music and artfulness of Harris that I chose to focus on.

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Erato shares its love song in Central Square

Cambridge's Cantab opens doors to a new set of dancing bohemians

Cambridge, MA - Tuesday, August 11 4 p.m., I sat down with Ms. Liza Zayas, promotional representative for Erato - A new dance/electronica nightlife experience in Cambridge's Central Square. Liza, whose stage name is Luna del Flor, is a singer, poet and dj artist in her own right.

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Girls Taking Action in Cambridge

Local teens take on issue of gentrification

Step by step, little by little girls can make a change. They can be empowered to change the wrong doings in the world and help their community. Girls Taking Action is where it counts.

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Growing a Community

Cambridge community gardens bring nature and friendship to the urban environment

Living in the city of Cambridge has many benefits: a diverse population, thousands of caring citizens, various types of restaurants, a vibrant creative community and the convenience of urban life. What the city lacks is what most cities lack: nature.

A lack of nature and opportunity to connect with the earth is why the Community Garden Program, run by the Conservation Commission, is so important.

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How soccer unites a community

Soccer Nights brings together youths for five-day camp

When I say "soccer," you say "nights!"

The coaching directors shouted cheers to the 125 kids participating at the Central Square site of this year’s Soccer Nights program, which was held earlier this summer.

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Angela Sawyer: Musician, Comedian and Entrepreneur

Angela Sawyer, founder of the now-no-longer Weirdo Records in Central Square, speaks on music, money and the most important things she's learned.

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Fawcett Street Development

Working together to bring beauty and safety to all of Cambridge

The area around Alewife is changing at a rapid pace. New residential buildings have significantly added to the residential population already in the area. On Fawcett Street, the local businesses are working together and with the local government to keep up with this changing landscape. Baylor Bennett, manager of Artisan's Trading, discusses with us the potential he sees on Fawcett Street, and how that fits into the larger Cambridge picture. 

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Local restaurants offer meals at On The Rise

Lunches for homeless women have been special this week

Lunches for homeless offered at On The Rise

This has been a week of stand-out lunches at On The Rise, Inc., the day program for homeless women at 341 Broadway. Meals provided by volunteers on weekdays are a mainstay of the program, and this week several local restaurants came together in support of that operation. They have been bringing in selections from their menus--not normally an option for the women seeking assistance at On The Rise.

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I missed all the online outrage about Kim Kardashian being on the cover of Rolling Stone magazine, but I did suffer my own indignation when I received that particular issue in my mailbox. It also happened to be my re-subscription issue.