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Kids Court Is Now In Session!

North Cambridge Family Opera presents Kids Court

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Spring Arts 2015 Preview

While we've all been buried in snow this Winter, the Cambridge Arts Council has been busy preparing for Open Studios, Riverfest and more.

Boston Gaming Convention- PAX East

A gaming convention set in Boston attracts thousands for weekend celebration of nerdy pastimes.

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Hong Kong is Harvard's Hidden Gem

Hong Kong Restaurant offers entertainment with the comforts of home.

As a part-time Cambridge resident, and full time college student, my friends and I are constantly looking for fun, and more importantly, free things to do. Of course, if you ask just about anyone, free and fun are two of the biggest qualifications for both weekend and weekday activities.

Nerd Fun Abounds in Central Square

Ever want to drink beer and play Magic: The Gathering at the same time? Pandemonium Books and Games hosts a Tavern draft every Thursday.

It was a cold winter’s night and I found myself in Central Square looking for warmth, a drink, and something to eat, so I turned into the Tavern in the Square, located on 730 Massachusetts Avenue, got myself settled with a frozen pear cocktail and a burger, opened up a pack of the newest Magic: The Gathering set Fate Reforged, and started thinking about what colors I was going to play that night. (Magic: The Gathering is a popular trading card game).


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I Don't Snow What To Do

Don't ice-olate yourself, Cambridge still has these fun adventures to get you through this winter!

There is an age-old nursery rhyme that’s been sung as of late in this Boston weather, and the skewed version goes something like this. ‘Snow, snow, go away, don’t come back some other day.’ For most of us the mountains of snow (one only needs to conquer the ¨Alps of MIT¨ to catch my drift) have lead to a strange mix of emotions, and often the dichotomy between excitement at another day off clashes with the boredom of, well, another day off.

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NeighborMedia Facecast for Feb. 13, 2015

Controversial Cocktail, So Long Sullivan?, Black Dance & Music, and Winter Woes

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7 "Cambridge Uncovered" episodes that will make you say, "Wow!"

Cambridge Uncovered is a public affairs television program produced by Cambridge Community Television’s Production Department and NeighborMedia, CCTV’s innovative citizen journalism initiative. Volunteer reporters from team up with members of the Cambridge Uncovered Production Group, as well as CCTV staff, to create these episodes.