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Not for Nothin' - Cambridge City Councilor David Maher

the search for a new City Manager

An interview with City Councilor David Maher on the search process for the new Cambridge City Manager, to be decided on Thursday, 9/29/16. 


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Cambridge Black Lives Matter Activists Chain Themselves to City Hall

demand affordable housing

Four Cambridge Black Lives Matter activists chained themselves to the front doors of City Hall this morning to demand more affordable housing. They have unlocked themselves from the door and are now standing at the front of City Hall, still chained together, surrounded by officers from the Cambridge Police Department.  Stay tuned for updates, photos and video




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Community Preservation Act Committee Seeks Public Input on Fund Allocation, Affordable Housing

Affordable housing in Cambridge remains a topic of concern for many residents.

Cambridge had their second Community Preservation Act funding meeting two weeks ago to hear the city’s recommendations for the allocation of this upcoming fiscal year’s funds. The CPA fund raised about $124.4 million dollars this year to divide between affordable housing, open space, and historic preservation projects. With housing costs rising in Cambridge, many residents and nonprofit organization leaders expressed concern over the future of affordable housing.

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Becoming Well-Adjusted Towards the Future

ITEM 1 ....

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Christoph Dohnányi : Music and Memories of July 20

A Musical Family Tree of Social Concern


        Recent news articles have reported that the primary Guest Conductor of the Boston Symphony -- Christoph von Dohnányi -- had to cancel two planned performances at Tanglewood this month, due to the aftereffects of cataract surgery.   The BSO office assured the public that von Dohnányi would be conducting the performance of Beethoven's Ninth Symphony on August 28 as planned.     

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Cambridge InsideOut for July 12, 2016

Main topic: the Cambridge water system, including watersheds, structures, Fresh Pond

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Cambridge InsideOut for July 5, 2016

In this episode, topics included recycling, composting, driverless cars, elevated highways, and the dangers of falling for "the next big thing." The hosts are Judy Nathans and Robert Winters.

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Not for Nothin' - One Week After the Massacre in Orlando

reflections on gun control, homophobia, racism and islamophobia

CCTV's NeighborMedia Coordinator Frank Morris and Executive Director Susan Fleischmann talk about homophobia,  islamophobia, and racism in the aftermath of the massacre in Orlando. 6-20-2016

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"DRIVERLESS CARS" is the Topic for a Panel Discussion at MIT

Questions About the Future

    On Monday morning June 13 MIT hosted a panel discussion on "Driverless Vehicles."  The panel was sponsored by the Metropolitan Area Planning Council (MAPC) and a Boston advocacy group, Transportation for Massachusetts.

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Cambridge InsideOut for June 7, 2016

All the latest in Cambridge civics, politics, government and more ...