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A presenting and service organization, established by City Ordinance in 1974, and existing to benefit the citizens of Cambridge through the arts.

Stories by Cambridge Arts

On June 4 from 11am-6pm, Cambridge Arts will welcome 150,000 plus festival goers to the East Cambridge waterfront for an exuberant celebration of the arts.

In 2008 Laura Evans created a pair of companion art benches for the Greene-Rose Heritage Park in the Area IV neighborhood (“The Port”). Entitled “Conductivity”, the sculpture is based on a typical park bench that the City usually selects from a catalogue but which has been altered by the artist. Cambridge Arts is pleased to present a selection of Laura’s studio work that sets “Conductivity” in the context of her ongoing artistic explorations.

Alyssa O’Toole brings “Hands,” a nationwide movement to make musical learning accessible to all, to the heart of Central Square Cultural District on Saturday, July 18th from 12-5pm. “Hands” offers a unique opportunity for individuals of all ages, skill levels, and walks of life to come together and learn to play the piano. Participants will be taught to play a portion of an original song and filmed as they perform it. The resulting video will capture the many hands of the performers coming together to make one song.

Cambridge Arts Presents: Summer in the City

Cambridge, MA -- The City of Cambridge is pleased to announce the winners of the inaugural Sidewalk Poetry Contest. Poems written by Cambridge residents Rose Breslin Blake, Benjamin Grimm, Ty Muto, Carolyn Russell Stonewell, and Elissa Warner will be stamped into freshly poured concrete throughout the City during the course of routine sidewalk repairs this year.