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I am currently a Senior at University of Massachusetts Amherst studying Communications with a minor Chinese. My main interest is to screen write, produce and edit videos. I hope to pursue a career in media and broadcasting entertainment. My hobbies are traveling, eating and drawing.

Stories by Sharon Chen

Calling to all Star Wars fans and lightsaber lovers, you can train in a real life Jedi academy! Ludosport Boston is the first Ludosport Academy in the East Coast of the US founded in 2016 by Jason A Debay. Check out the director of the academy talk about Ludosport Boston and how you can become a full Jedi! Classes are held at the Cambridge Community Center, 5 Callender Street, Cambridge Massachusetts.

#onenameonesky #weareludosport #spreadthelight

The Boston Sketch Company will be performing their show, "No Refunds", throughout January every Friday @10pm. Get an insight from the actors, director and head writer about the show and the process behind it!

On December 29-31 2017, Dance Complex held it's 5th annual Winter Wonder Dance Festival. Dance Complex's Creative Program Manager, Rachel Roccoberton informs us on how the event is set up and who are the guests stars teaching the classes. The festival welcomed all dancers, beginners to advance level to learn a variety of dance such as ballet and interpretive dance. The Dance Complex will be expecting another Winter Wonder festival and other festivals again in 2018!

Yume Wo Katare is not your typical restaurant, it is a place where you come eat ramen and share your dreams. Customers come here to figure out their passions and pursue them. Located in Porter Square, Cambridge, the owner, Tsuyoshi Nishioka and his shop manager, Jake Vo explains how Yume Wo Katare was born and the rules set in the shop. There are many members that volunteer and the staff are very welcoming to the public. Yume Wo Katare are also hoping to register in the Guinness World Records for the amount of dreams they collect! Best of luck!

Bhangra is a type of popular music combining Punjabi folk traditions with Western pop music. The MIT Bhangra team holds classes every summer and performs at the end. The students and teachers are full of energy and passionate with their dancing. They have done a great job performing!

Get your get broomsticks ready because there is a new Harry Potter book on the way! On July 30th, at 10:30 p.m. Porter Square Books is hosting a Midnight Release Party. The public is invited to come pick up the books they pre-ordered and celebrate the night away. People who have not bought the book yet are welcomed as well!

Attention to all artist and writers! Looking for a community of comic creators to work and geek out with? Boston Comics Roundtable is just the right thing for you. This forum holds weekly meetings at the Cambridge Public library and are open to the public.