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Siobhan Bredin

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I'm a long-time resident of our fair city of Cambridge, MA, which I love dearly. Prior to becoming a NeighborMedia correspondent in 2009, I was already active in the arts community, participating in Cambridge Open Studios and in my local neighborhood arts association.

In my role as a citizen journalist, I've had the opportunity to inform the community about opportunities to participate in the rich arts opportunities offered by our city, through the Cambridge Arts Council and other organizations. This includes informing the community of upcoming deadlines for sharing artistic work - and encouraging ALL creative people, even those who may not think of themselves as artists, to participate in the yearly Cambridge Open Studios. My goal with these interviews/stories is to encourage Cambridge residents to expand their view of what art is and who is an artist, which hopefully increases participation in the arts.

By constantly being on the lookout for interesting stories about our city, I've discovered, explored, and brought the community on my journeys along the African-American Heritage Trail and Women's History Walks. These journeys increase public awareness of the rich heritage of Cambridge.

Stories by siobhanbredin

Cambridge Community Classroom 2015 Graduates

“Starting your own business can be lonely,” according to Pardis Saffari of the Cambridge Community Development Department. “One of the benefits of participating in the Cambridge Community Classroom Program is connecting entrepreneurs so they can provide support to each other as they develop their businesses.”

Refining Landscapes

This dynamic exhibition gives the visitor an opportunity to touch and sit on Vivian Beer's furniture, made from a variety of materials including steel, concrete, and bronze. Beer's work is strongly influenced by organic forms. Photographs, drawings, and a video of her fabrication process bring the work to life. 

At Gallery 344 through February 29, 2016
Cambridge Arts Council

City Hall Annex, 344 Broadway, 2nd Floor, Cambridge, MA

November 2015 Girls Day at the MIT Museum

Every March and November, the MIT Museum celebrates women in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) fields with a Girls Day event. According to Education Programs Coordinator, Faith Dukes, "Girls Days is designed to get girls excited about Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) by learning from female MIT professionals about their work and how it is relevant to society. We hope that girls, boys, teens, and people of any age get engaged in this learning."

Cambridge Public Art Map

There's always lots of art happening in Cambridge, and this Fall is no exception. I sat down with Jason Weeks, Director of the Cambridge Arts Council, last week to find out what we have to look forward to in the coming months.

Edwin Andrews - Dot Matrix

Cambridge has over 300 public artworks all across the city. I've enjoyed them for years without ever really thinking about who takes care of them, so I decided to find out more.

Earlier this Summer, I did two stories about the restoration of public art pieces, East Cambridge - 1852 and The Bluefish is Good Tonight.

Lisa Houck painting fish 2015

This week, I'm continuing my coverage about the restoration of public art in Cambridge this Summer. I caught up with Lisa Houck, the artist who created "The Bluefish is Good Tonight," a mural on the original site of Legal Seafoods restaurant in Inman Square, in 1987.

George Greenamyer Restoration

You may have noticed that our fair City has A LOT of public art. With more than 200 artworks in neighborhoods all across the city, Cambridge holds the largest contemporary public art collection in Massachusetts.

Since 1979, one percent of the construction cost on municipal capital investment is designated for use in developing site-responsive public artwork.

Anyone who lived through our recent Winter will understand that many public artworks need to be refreshed and restored periodically.

Middle East Downstairs Sign

So you’re a DJ just starting your career in the Cambridge/Boston area. It can be hard to get gigs in the local clubs because there are so many other talented performers around here.

So maybe your first few gigs are at your parents’ party or a friend’s house.

I sat down on Sunday, May 17 backstage at Downstairs at the Middle East with week two local DJs, GalaxZ (9) and Rubix (11), to ask them how they felt about having their first professional DJ gig at this fabled venue.