Brattle Street Becomes Parking Lot

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Bike Safety Effort Creates Visual Eyesore

Newly installed bike lanes on Brattle Street may prompt residents and visitors alike to rename it Brattle Street Parking Lot.


Instead of strolling down a tree-lined street with views of Radcliffe Yard and stately homes, what you first see from the west side of the street is two rows of parked cars.  As of Tuesday, July 11, the two-way bike lane stretched to Mason Street, but plans call for it to end at Eliot Street. 


The object is to make it safer for bicyclists to navigate Brattle Street.  However, there promises to be new danger, as passengers run the risk of opening their doors into a passing cyclist, or walking into a lane as a cyclist rides by.  Drivers will be opening their doors and getting out of their cars directly into traffic.


You can’t argue with bike safety.  You can argue that bike safety can be achieved without impacting the existing character of a neighborhood.