Introducing the "Sidewalk Buttler"


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A Cigarette Butt Receptacle

While strolling around Salem, MA, Emily Wieja, a member of the Cambridge Citizens for Smokers’ Rights political action group, came across a nifty public ashtray for the disposal of cigarette butts called, the Sidewalk Buttler.

The attractive, unobtrusive, aluminum receptacles were attached to sign posts and widely distributed across the city. Wieja and Stephen Helfer, a smokers’ rights advocate, contacted the city of Salem to learn more about the receptacles. They presented their findings to Vice Mayor Marc McGovern who in turn put in a “policy order” to the city manager, and the city decided to purchase 60 units. Several have been installed in Central Square and the rest will be located in Harvard Square.

Some cool fun facts about the Sidewalk Buttler:

  1. They are the brainchild of Mike Roylos, a restaurateur in Portland, Maine.
  2. The Sidewalk Buttler is built on site in Portland, Maine.
  3. All receptacles come equipped with an RFID chip that is used with our custom Android mobile application. Collectors use this system to verify date and time of collection and keep track of collection totals.”
  4. The Buttlers are designed for no-touch emptying and recycling.
  5. Cigarette butts and not biodegradable, but are 100% recyclable.

The city of Cambridge has not received any complaints about the Sidewalk Buttler. I encourage all smokers to use them and inform other smokers of their existence.

To learn more about the Sidewalk Buttler: