Summer Solstice Delights

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Green space in Cambridge is a perfect place to celebrate the longest day of the year.

  • white flowers
  • trees
  • pond
  • pink flowers
  • yellow flowers

June 21 is the Summer Solstice; the longest day of the year. And what better way to celebrate than strolling through some green space here in our fair city?

I took a long, slow walk around one of the places in my neighborhood of North Cambridge to enjoy the abundance of ponds, trees, flowers, and tall grasses.

Even though a steady stream of bike, car, and pedestrian traffic passed by, I was lost in contemplation of the natural beauty that delighted my eyes while birdsong delighted my ears.

On the longest day
Long grasses rustle in the breeze
Turtles bask on rocks

Pink and yellow blooms
Smooth green pond water glistens
Trees reach for the sun

Can you guess where I was?