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An interview with Michelle Sharpe, founder and CEO of Diaper Circle, on addressing the diaper gap.

An interview with Debby Irving, author of Waking Up White, about finding herself in the story of race.

Jennifer Jonassaint from Homeowner's Rehab discusses HRI's foreclosure prevention and home improvement programs with host Susan Fleischmann.

Mark Zurlo and Tony Chin are running the Boston Marathon to raise money for the Heather Abbott Foundation, which raises money to help amputees thrive in their recovery and return to the life they love. Heather lost a leg in the Marathon bombings, and was fortunate to receive donations for her own prosthetics - something that is very hard for most people to pay for. Tony and Mark have an unusual way of raising money - they bake dog biscuits and cookies for everyone who donates.

Amanda Chen from the Salvation Army talks with Susan Fleischmann about the youth programs available at the Salvation Army, particularly Bridgin' the Gap, and opportunity for court-involved and at-risk teens.

City Manager Rich Rossi announced today that he will not seek another contract when his current one expires on June 30, 2016.  For more information, see the Cambridge Civic Journal.

Reverend Irene Monroe and Susan Fleischmann speak about the Massachusetts presidential primary, race and misogyny.


Dyanne London, Board member of the Encampment for Citizenship (EFC) is interviewed by Susan Fleischmann. EFC conducts residential summer programs with year-round follow-up for young people of widely diverse backgrounds and nations. It provides youth with a compelling experience in democratic living, with emphasis on critical thinking and social action. Through this transformative experience, young people become more informed and sensitive about the key issues of our time and committed to active citizenship and involvement in their community as justice seekers.

Katherine Bennett, the new Executive Director of Spare Change News, is interviewed by Susan Fleischmann. 2-22-2016

Susan Fleischmann interviews Darrin Korte, the new Executive Director of the Cambridge Community Center. 2-1-2016